Kids Martial Arts Classes in Vero Beach

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes and Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes are located in Vero Beach Florida. It is also near Sebastian, Ft. Pierce, Palm Bay, Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, Stuart and Palm City. Our Gym is driving distance to St. Lucie County and Martin County cities. We teach kids from 4-14 years old. 14 years and up would join our adult classes.

Martial Arts And Boxing Academy Vero Beach

Dear Parents,

I own and operate the Marital Arts And Boxing School in Vero Beach, Treasure Coast area, and I want to congratulate you on taking the first step in changing your child’s life in the most positive way. When your child has confidence, it is the key to their success. Here and there we come to find out on the news about some kind of tragedy that is linked to a child being bullied in school.

These news stories have been going on for quite some time. Well, I’m here to tell you that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR CHILD. Many times when kids begin getting bullied, they turn to drugs and/or gangs because they lack confidence. For many years we have worked hard to make sure that children in our community do not become part of these statistics, are successful in school and become positive and prosperous adults!

Growing up near Miami I have seen many of my friends drop out of high school, turn to drugs, become teenage parents, and go nowhere in life all because they had nothing better to do. I know that children should always be involved in something positive like an after school program like a Martial Art. This way, they will be motivated and trained to be confident and positive.

Too often children are being ridiculed by teachers, family and friends. Yes even teachers and some family members do it. When that happens, their self esteem is shot down.

Here are the Martial Arts And Boxing Academy in Vero we make sure that all our students maximize their true potential and reaches all their goals!

Statistics have proven that having your child involved in a positive after school activity like Martial Arts is important for long term success. OVER 75% OF CHILDREN HAVE BEEN BULLIED AT SCHOOL.

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