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If you live in the Vero Beach, Sebastian, Ft. Pierce, or Port Saint Lucie I have some special news for you…Keep Reading, I will tell you. You Can Now Get 7 Days of FREE Training in any or all of our martial arts classes, World Class coaching in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) 100% FREE!

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This Is The Vero Beach And Ft. Pierce Area's Best Kept Secret! Our Mixed Martial Arts Instructors are 100% committed to helping people like you achieve their goals. Ask any of the many people that we have coached into knock out shape! They have also impressed co-workers family and friends with their Fit physiques won a new set of MMA skills from the #1 Training Gym in Vero, Ft. Pierce and Port St Lucie (whether they wanted to fight or not).

You can train like a fighter, but not have to compete or get hurt during it. MMA training can change your life in the most positive way, so you owe it yourself to see what this Gym can do for you by starting out with 7 Days FREE! (Our Mixed Martial Arts gyms are located near Ft. Pierce, Sebastian, Stuart Beach , Port Saint Lucie and Vero Beach).

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Ages 4 and up, it doesn’t matter in what kind of shape you’re in, it doesn’t matter if you want to tone up, build muscle…It doesn’t matter if you are female or male….if you want to compete or not ALL are welcome. Most that start training in the martial arts choose not to compete, and that’s why we have a competition program, for those who choose to compete.

In our OVER 5000 sf Academy you will see for yourself all the different people taking classes with us and benefiting from this amazing Mixed Martial Arts training, here at the Martial Arts And Boxing Academy. During classes you will also learn self defense for any situation, while getting in tremendous shape, increasing flexibility and strengthening your core. This is not a typical gym. You are coached, guided and motivated and you will never get bored!

7 Days FREE! That’s Correct! I’m confident that once you come in you are going to absolutely love it here. Its not intimidating and there is no catch. Nothing to sugn and buy. We are 100% the leading Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Gym in Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Port Saint Lucie. We are the largest Gym and most united in the Treasure Coast.

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